From the beginning Steves use of language was inspired inspiring and precise . This quickly gains  the trust  of those lucky enough to meet him 

He also has a range of tools that he imparts which have enabled my partner and myself to vastly improve our communication., within an ongoing loving journey  into the future 

Thank you Steve 

Love n blessings 

Alison and Simon

I have known Steve for 5 years and he’s a Diamond of a person. A great guy. I’d trust him implicitly. I’m a Trauma therapist myself and I’m pretty discerning with whom I work, whether that is personally or to whom I may refer clients. I have worked with world class people Steve is one of them. His kindness,wisdom, skill and ability to hold a space both with an individual 1:1, a couple, family and a large group are all finely tuned. Steve is highly trained and totally dedicated to having people lead fulfilling , loving and healthy lives.Steve has the ability to negotiate difficult and often complex situations, he is patient and thorough; he is a great mediator. He works well with men and is gifted and attuned to understand teenagers and young people. I trust him enough to refer male clients and sometimes couples to him, knowing they will be in safe hands. He has helped me through some difficult times in my life. I am truly grateful to him.

USA, London, Lewes and Eastbourne.

Steve is a wonderful therapist,he is kind and compassionate which enabled me to relax in the session and share freely. Steve has an ability to dig deep in a very caring, nurturing way which revealed some very poignant and important emotional areas of my past which I would’nt have been able to access without his guidance. The result of my therapy sessions were very powerful and enabled me to shift a stuck pattern in the area of relationships with men.

My relationship has gone from me feeling trapped, being overly critical (mostly in my head) and pushing my boyfriend away to being in a loving harmonious space which feels amazing. We are both very happy and grateful.
A big thank you to Steve, I recomend him highly!

Sarah, East Sussex

Steve is a fantastic, person-centred coach with remarkable listening skills. A caring, charismatic man who is easily likeable, he brings his considerable coaching skills to you in a harmonious yet provocative way to aid your understanding and facilitate your transformation.

Steve Lovell has many years of experience working with a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds and is passionate about getting results for you.
I would highly recommend seeking his counsel for personal and business reasons.

Gayle Palmer D.O.
Registered Osteopath at the Living Elements Clinic, Chichester
Great Guidelines for Later Life creator
Feb 3, 2016

I would whole heartedly recommend Steve as a coach – he has a special way about him – he helped me to focus on difficult areas of my life and  somehow combines a firmness with gentleness in looking hard at patterns of behaviour.

Amanda- Berkshire


I can’t begin to tell you what a contribution you have been to me and my family!
I have a beautiful 3 1/2 months old baby girl, Ella, with my ten year old’s father, Matt. My family wouldn’t be together without you!
You listened to me and I felt calmer, you asked how it was for me and I allowed myself to feel.
I got present to how my thoughts and actions or inactions created my world, I knew it theoretically and hadn’t really got it.
You give people the space to BE and I’ll always have ultimate respect for you Mr! You’re an inspiration!

 Julie C- Brighton


Steve’s unwavering support and generosity has had miracles show up in my life that, based on past experience, were not going to happen.  For example, after my now husband had proposed to me, I found it a real struggle to talk to him about wedding preparations.  Whenever I brought the subject up he would just shut down and go silent.  After a 20 minute coaching call with Steve, the very next conversation I had with my husband, he suggested getting married in a castle! Though we didn’t get married in a castle, my wedding day was one of the best days of my life (so cheesy, I know, but so very true).

Thank you Steve.

 Mrs Wright- East London


Steve’s warm and sensitive listening has always made me feel understood, whilst his coaching skilfully empowered me to take action, seemingly melting away hurdles’

 Jacqui- Brighton


I received coaching from Steve at a point in my life where I was so stuck that nothing that anybody said to me made any difference.  With a few words said in his quiet but utterly penetrating to the root of what was causing me to be stuck he gave me a freedom and a totally new context for my life.  I will forever be grateful to him and unreservedly recommend him


Steve is a phenomenal coach who produces astounding results. He skilfully balances a compassionate and caring approach with a rigorous and effective methodology. The work he has done with me has made a profound difference in every area of my life and I feel very privileged to have been able to work with him.

Heather- London



I had the honor of Steve Lovell coaching me in becoming a leader, his unconditional love and relentless stand enabled me to boldly go where I’d never gone before.

Dian- Las Vagas Nevada