How It Works

dreamstimemaximum_49886130[1]Coaching For Life uses a combination of Transformative Coaching, Matrix Reimprinting and EFT. We can work together to transform your relationships, your stress levels , your health, your life! We will discover and transform the negative thinking that impacts your satisfaction with life and your happiness. I can work with you and your partner or you on your own. Coaching can be equally effective via Skype by phone or meeting face to face.

I have been using transformative coaching and have taught people to coach for over 8 years and have recently combined this technology with the powerful and effective EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. I’ve been seeing that the combination of these three disciplines or technologies is highly effective.

Talk therapies are effective in people seeing where they have been stopped and how to create different actions and ways of living their lives that has them experience life newly. However past experiences and trauma are only partially stored in declarative memory or what you may know as cognitive memory or short term memory. We can have rational thoughts about our past, where we can get that those disempowering thoughts we have about ourselves serve no purpose in our lives, we can even have people tell us not to be so silly and that we are great but that makes very little difference. Why? Because what is often impacting us is our long term procedural memory that our cognitive rational conscious memory has no access to or impact on. These long term implicit memories are automatic and experienced rather than thought through. Simply put they can be explained as an energy that can have a physiological effect on the body. When we are in a situation that reminds us of past experiences-it could be a smell or a sound or a bodily sensation that triggers this-then we can experience euphoria or often feelings of dread that bring a tightness to our stomachs or shoulders or headaches etc.  To experience freedom from these debilitating sensations that can profoundly impact our sense of well being, satisfaction with life or our happiness we have to access that energy and very simply put, release it.

We can have a free 20 min phone conversation where I can find out about you and what you may be dealing with or would like to achieve. Then if you wish you can book either an hour long face to face session or a Skype or phone session. I can advise you on which type of session I think would be appropriate for you. In most cases we will need several sessions to develop, expand and progress but I am committed that you will see value from the first session.






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