Relationship Coaching

I’ve been working with a number of couples over the past year and I’ve been so moved by their commitment to each other and sorting out what’s in the way of them moving forward in their relationship. What I generally see, well no actually what I always see, is that their way of communicating with each other that may have at one time been clear, direct and coming from love has now eroded. What they are now left with is misunderstanding, point scoring, angry, frustrated conversations that move nothing forward and are extremely damaging to their relationship and to their family’s. I have developed ways of working with couples that brings back clear communication into their relationship and has them newly commit to each other bringing trust, joy and fun back into their relationship. A big bold statement I know but it can really work for you and your relationship whether you feel that it is broken or has just become routine and pedestrian and you want to bring back some va va voom to your lives together!

How do we do this? Well, we talk in a safe environment and get out of the way what hasn’t been working about your relationship by communicating what hasn’t been communicated. We will get honest about those grudges that you have both held onto for maybe years and have been in the way of you having real partnership in your relationships. Then we will build new ways of communication that will now work for you both.We will also build structures that will support you both through the most difficult of times. We can do this face to face or over Skype, so there is no barrier to you being in another part of the world.
I’m also committed to working with family’s and with parents who want to improve their relationship with their children.